Thursday, March 30, 2017


I'm kinda running out of ideas for the slice of life challenge so this blog might be kinda boring. I'm kinda excited that it's over because at first I thought I couldn't do it but I can do whatever I put my mind to. This is my first time doing a challenge like this. Me and my friend Marisol were asking each other about ideas and we couldn't come up with much. Even though I'm running out of ideas I'm still going to write for the challenge.  If you're doing the slice of life challenge do you have some ideas for me?


  1. I'm also running out of ideas,but you made the challenge

  2. Some ideas...
    what you learned about yourself as a writer by doing the slice of life
    sports related - favorite teams, a time you went to some kind of game, playing tennis in the park
    the holocaust museum field trip
    writing thank you letters
    eating a cupcake
    a moment in your life :-)
    Hope that helps for the final SLICE! Proud of you!


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