Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blood is thicker

The book I read is called Blood is thicker and it's by Paul Langam and D.M Blackwell. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. This book is about a boy named Hakeem. Him and his family have to move away from his childhood home to go live with his dad's brother in Detroit because Hakeem's dad has kidney cancer and Hakeem's parents don't gave enough money to keep the house and plus his  dad is weak and can't work. While they live in Detroit Hakeem has to share a room with his cousin Savon. Hakeem and Savon use to be close when they were younger now all they do is argue. Something happens between them that would change their relationship. One reason I like this book is because it shows you how family is everything. You should read this book to find out what happens between Hakeem and Savon. Do you think you would like this book?

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